Michael Noctor
The first time I wrote for other people was when I worked for a computer company in Bray. I started off writing skits about a factory five-a-side and used to sign off as Eammon Grumpy. My fiancee at the time had the key to the company display units, so I could post my articles anonymously. In time, they asked me to write for the company magazine, and in further time I wrote a scathing article about the company's Christmas pantomime. There was murder but I was also presented with a pen that year for five year's service. There were 450 employees and almost all of them booed as I was presented with the pen in the canteen.

A guy said to me afterwards that I oozed class as I strolled, head held high, through the booing crowd.

Most of them were from Wicklow. I might write about Wicklah people sometime.

Then again, I might not.

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Do you?